The following ideas are ones which have been commented-on by visitors, which you may also find helpful.


Round bale feeder 

Many visitors comment on the above feeders as 'sheep killers'. I would have to agree, especially

this older style with the horizontal bar at neck height. However, we have found that if you place

the bales in 'the wrong way' you will cut down dramatically on deaths to strangulation. We feed

24 of these a week for half the year and I can only recall losing one animal in the past 5 years.



Lamb perserver


We have found with severe hypothermia with lambs that the best way to revive them is in the

barn office sink. This allows for a slow rise to normal body temperature without the chilling effect

of a warming fan. It has been a challenge though to go do other stuff without the lamb slipping

under the water. This 2" block of foam works very well, with a couple sizes readily available.




Almost perfect sheep feeder 1  Almost perfect sheep feeder 2