Rams Ewes


We offer three family lines derived from artificial insemination, Australian, New Zealand and British.

NEW for 2014! Two new New Zealand lines.



Docile, medium sized sheep that are excellent out-of-season breeders. (Well suited to three in two years breeding programs.) Consistent twinners and exceptional milkers providing higher milk solids than most breeds. Dorset ewe lambs if grown out properly can be exposed for the first time at 10 months of age. A sheep that is a pleasure to work with!



Stocky framed sheep, medium to large size, commonly used as terminal sires in cross breeding programs as Dorsets produce excellent carcasses. Also popular for pure breed mating as Dorsets produce exceptional new-crop lambs. They are a good choice for out-of-season breeding as mature rams are noted for being active throughout the year.







Suffolk Ewes Suffolk Rams


We offer three family lines from our importation of embryos and through subsequent artificial insemination with semen also from the U.K. NEW for 2014! A new line with British bloodlines.



Medium framed, heavy set ewes who are attentive mothers who twin quite consistently and are ample milkers. Distinctive all black heads and legs that are free of wool and are easy shearers



A leading terminal sire breed around the world that imparts high growth rates with desirable carcass characteristics. Our Suffolks have come out of the 'Suffolk Sheep Sire Reference Scheme' in the U.K. which has has been dedicated to producing lamb focused on leanness with superb muscling.