Thistlestone Farm has been a closed flock since 1988. All new genetics have been obtained by embryo transfer or artificial insemination up untill 2013.


All animals are sold vaccinated, de-wormed and with hooves trimmed. All stock are examined by the purchaser prior to leaving the farm, to address issues like health, confirmation, teeth, testes etc.


Specific blood tests can be performed at the request of buyers (Scrapie, M.V. etc.)


Delivery can be arranged whether for shipping across Canada by professional livestock truckers, or by ourselves for southern Ontario.


Dorset flock




February 2018 born ram lambs are available.

We now have four new, New Zealand bloodlines available to previous clients.



Some photos taken April 14th/2018 of Rams for sale:








Dorset Ewe Lambs: 2019

Presently taking orders. .


Dorset ewe lambs from 09